About the Firm

Jaramillo Dávila Abogados is a highly-specialized boutique firm founded in 1950 by Dr. Fabián Jaramillo Dávila, whose ethical principles serve as guide. Our practice is focused on providing personalized service to our clients. We believe in guiding and working together with businesses to achieve their objectives.


Be precursors in the provision of legal services framed on the most actualized knowledge of the law, aiming to build innovative strategies and solutions in the benefit of our clients and society.

Our history

Jaramillo Dávila Abogados follows the legacy of three generations of lawyers committed to excellency in the practice of labor and employment law. Our history starts in 1919 when Dr. Juan Genaro Jaramillo received his Juris Doctor degree and initiated an outstanding career intervening in the drafting of the first Labor Code, being elected as congressman and acting for several years as Judge of the Ecuadorian Supreme Court.

In 1950, his son, Dr. Fabian Jaramillo Dávila founded our firm. Following his father’s legacy, he had an exceptional career teaching labor law for more than thirty years at Universidad Central del Ecuador, and also acting as director of the National Labor Law and Employment Law Institute. He served as Attorney General, Judge of the Ecuadorian Constitutional Tribunal, Congressman, Ministry of Education, where he implemented the successful program “One school per day” and President of the local Bar Association.

During his forty years of practice, Dr. Fabián Jaramillo Dávila consolidated an office based on excellency in counseling and litigation on labor and employment matters, which is currently lead by his sons, Dr. Fabián Jaramillo Terán and Dr. Diego Jaramillo Terán.

Since 2011 Jaramillo Dávila Abogados has been regarded by international publications like Chambers&Partners and Legal 500 as the leading firm in labor and employment law. Our office is located on a modern building in the most important business center of the city, right next to the Metropolitan District Courthouse.

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