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Jaramillo Dávila Abogados is a highly-specialized boutique firm founded in 1950 by Dr. Fabián Jaramillo Dávila, whose ethical principles serve as guide. Our practice is focused on providing personalized service to our clients. We believe in guiding and working together with businesses to achieve their objectives.

We are a boutique law firm specialized in Labour Law, with over 68 years of experience. We additionally offer counsel and personalized sponsorship in Family Law.

We remain at the forefront in providing legal services framed by the law and the needs of business in order to build innovative strategies and solutions for the benefit of our clients and society.

Firma Boutique de Derecho Laboral con 68 años de experiencia. Además brindamos asesoría y patrocinio personalizado en Derecho de Familia.
Nos mantenemos a la vanguardia en la prestación de servicios legales enmarcados en la ley y las necesidades de los negocios con el fin de construir estrategias y soluciones innovadoras en beneficio de nuestros clientes y de la sociedad.

Our Team

    Administrative Support Team

    The Simple Choice for Complex Litigation

    La Firma se caracteriza por su amplia y reconocida trayectoria en temas de Derecho Laboral, dentro de los cuales ha llevado con gran éxito casos complejos y de gran impacto en los negocios. Dentro de sus servicios profesionales podemos mencionar:


    Labor Law

    COUNSELING: Advisory in individual and collective labor relations, minimizing risks and securing the sustainability of the business.

    LABOR UNIONS LAW: advisory and sponsorship in any case of collective labor issues including hiring processes and claims.

    LITIGATION: We put our knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of strategies to prevent judicial claims. If it cannot be achieved, our team is ready to sponsor the defense in any judicial or administrative process in all instances, including the Constitutional Court.

    AUDITS: We make sure our clients are fulfilling all their legal and regulatory duties in labor and employment matter. We couple their practices to the recommendations of the International Labor Organization, the Ministry of Labor and other specialized organisms.

    Other Areas of Practice

    Family Law: Our lawyers have a deep knowledge on law and on patrimonial and emotional affectations that surround marital, family, and divorce conflicts.

    Corporate Law: We give legal advice on the corporate structure, constitution of companies and all the necessary and legal acts for their development and future activity.

    Arbitration: We advise in the pre-contractual and contractual stage of business with emphasis on the resolution of conflicts through Arbitration. We have professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of litigation in this area.

    Immigration Law: We advise strategically and carry out the necessary migratory procedures to facilitate the mobility of human talent in today’s globalized world


    Chambers and Partners Latin America

    • 2012


      “The firm has a growing reputation due to the stellar participation of its labor and employment team, representing corporations and individuals”
    • 2013


      “This is the leading firm in the labor and employment market. ”
    • 2014


      “The firm is excellent and its outstanding ranking is justified.”
    • 2015


      “The partners and lawyers of Jaramillo Dávila believe on peaceful conflict resolution and a personalized and direct client-lawyer relation”
    • 2016


      “Solid practice in labor law, advising a wide range of clients including oil and telecommunications industries”
    • 2017


      “The team is known for being the leaders in the practice of labor and employment law with an exceptional reputation for their experience representing a wide range of clients”
    • 2018


      “Highly reputed firm in labor contentious and non contentious matter. Leaders on the market in collective negotiations and labor litigation”
    • “Jaramillo Dávila Abogados is a leader in labor law counselling and litigation, based on its experience in the area of human resources. ”

      Legal 500 Latin America

      • 2014


        “Jaramillo Davila remains firm on the top of the market for its leadership in labor and employment law”
      • 2015


        “Jaramillo Davila is, without doubt, one key player in the Ecuador legal labor and employment market”
      • 2016


        “The team has notable experience in preventive counseling and individual and collective litigation”
      • 2017


        “Jaramillo Davila is a prestigious boutique law firm founded in 1950 with offices in Quito and a strategic alliance with Larrea & Ortiz in Guayaquil”

        Our Clients

        The Firm provides its labor and litigation services to various national and transnational companies in a wide range of industries such as oil, automotive, pharmaceutical, real estate, food, transportation, tourism, among others.
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